What is Traditional and Modern? Getting a Grip on These Classic Cabinet Styles

bullet imagebullet imageThe age-old argument between the modern style and the classic or traditional look has continued, and will indefinitely continue, when it comes to home décor. Both can be stunning- and both can be mediocre. But, cabinetry is usually at the heart of the argument when it involves the look of the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets take up a lot of space in the kitchen, and they could help tip the style to a grand conclusion. What is modern? For that matter, what is traditional? Below is a guide to these two cabinet styles in modern décor.

Molding and Elegant Texture

A traditional design is more structured and textured. The cabinets are usually some deviation of classic wood, and may have a slight thickness or groove in the actual construction.

There is resurgence in a style that many argue has always been timeless. The style incorporates a highly texture elegance to the cabinetry. As opposed to the contemporary style of leaving the surface of the cabinets clean and slick, the traditional style emphasizes rivets and texture to the cabinets Plant City. It could come across as smaller-framed rectangles within the cabinet install Plant City that aligns along the edge of each cabinet. The style has always delivered a grand and epic feeling to the kitchen. The sweeping energy of the style is brilliant in larger kitchens with a more classically-inspired home décor.

Modern, Progressive, Slick and Pure

Contemporary design is largely about unifying the space and providing a crisp consistency. A typical modern kitchen décor may have all discount cabinets Plant City at the same exact coloration. Furthermore, the cabinets may have a glass screen in the middle that displays the contents within. They also lack obvious textures, and are usually very flat. This includes handles that are often pressed into the cabinet (a small groove may be present). That is far different from the classic style, which has knobs which are clearly present and textures that are distinct.

Designers can find wholesale cabinets Plant City that span both styles. Thankfully, they can explore both styles and find one that seems to fit the best. The best designers experiment with both sides. They know that a classic design can be great in the right context, and a contemporary design has its strengths. Push the envelope, find the best rates, and see where the results rest when turning the dial from classic to contemporary.